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AIV removal (Article 1)
on 15 Mar 2008 by admin author list
Removing the Air Induction Valves (AIV's) The AIV's are located in the wheel arches and are known to be annoying. Most Z's will develop a gurgle at idle because water builds up in one of the lines. There are a number of solutions. You can empty out the water, put in a drain hole to stop it happening again, or remove [read more]
Engine Bay Cleaning
on 23 Nov 2007 by admin author list
K-Zed's engine-bay cleaning tips >>> Based on personal observations & reinforced through discussion at Tech days, my thoughts & recommendations below:- 1. Corrosion & oxidisation of electrical connectors in the engine bay may be a caused by a./ steam cleaning upon import b./ degreasing & washing of engine bay by subsequent owners/dealers/detailers & c./ other means of water-moisture ingress ... 2. [read more]
Fitting an external Transmision Fluid Cooler
on 23 Nov 2007 by admin author list
This should be a mandatory mod for ALL auto-Zeds, TT & NA alike due to harsh summer ambient operating temperatures. The good news: it's relatively cheap and easy to install. Q: "Why install aftermarket? My Zed already has a cooler built-in to the radiator" A: The radiator performs a reasonable job of cooling transmission oil, although a separate aftermarket cooler not [read more]
Fuses inside the cabin
on 18 Nov 2007 by admin author list
The following is the Japanese -> English translation of the fuse box found behind the driver's side kick panel. For the fanatical, here is a Word document you can print out and stick to your fuse panel for easy reference. (Thanks to Cashie). [read more]
Moving the PTU - Option 3
on 23 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Moving the PTU Here is a simple explanation of how to re-locate the PTU to the nose - in front of the radiator. Please read methods one & two full write-ups, for background detail. This location entirely satisfies the main criteria for relocating the PTU in the first place, namely heat & vibration degradation. In this location, not only does the PTU run [read more]
Plenum Pull with Coolant bypass
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Plenum Pull and Water Hose Bypass Procedure This is a copy of NytWolf's article from Plenum Pull and Water Hose Bypass Procedure NOTE:This procedure was written by removing the plenum off of a VG30DETT, and assumes all other emissions controls systems are intact. Although there are few differences, the procedure for the VG30DE is very similar.   In order to properly remove a [read more]
TPS Adjustment
on 24 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Throttle Position Sensor [TPS] adjustment A TPS setting of .45v at closed throttle is essential for correct tuning & operation of your Zed NB: The TPS signal affects injector/fuel mapping & auto transmission gear change. Tip: After checking/resetting TPS it will be necessary to reset base idle, as below.Checking the TPS setting may be achieved by use of [read more]