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ASCD (Cruise Control)
ASCD Modification
on 18 Nov 2007 by admin author list
ASCD Modification [read more]
Retrofit the Cruise Control (ASCD) by Luke (Fuzz300)
on 07 Nov 2008 by admin author list
Retrofit the Cruise Control (ASCD) to a Z32 that does not currently have the option installed by Luke (Fuzz300). [read more]
Cruise Control Modification (ASCD) 92+
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Download the article here as a Printable PDF ASCD Modification (92+) This simple modification to the cruise control circuitry allows the cruise control to be set to higher than the stock 105kph. Following the procedure here will allow it to be set to a maximum of 148kph. The information here is only applicable for 92+ Z's (maybe 93, check the numbers on [read more]