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Safety Boost Over-ride
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Safety Boost Over-ride [read more]
What is standard boost
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
What is standard boost [read more]
Installing boost jets (article 2)
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Installing boost jets (article 2) [read more]
What Causes Safety Boost?
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
What Causes Safety Boost? [read more]
Boost Jet Jumpers
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Boost Jet "Jumpers" Getting welding tips (boost jets) into the vacuum hoses is a bit tough. Getting them back out when necessary is tougher. I know this has been discussed before, but the following little write-up might help those looking for something a bit more visual. If you want an easy way to change/replace/remove/test different boost jets without installing a boost controller, [read more]
Boost Jets, all you ever wanted to know - Thumper
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Factory Boost Jets ??? - Yes and No. and Controlled Boost Scenarios Enough posts have been made now that everyone pretty much knows the "FACTORY BOOST JETS" exist. Well, just to close the case, here you go. On each side of the car, there are the factory boost solenoids. A short hose from the intake/inlet pipe (to the turbo compressor inlet) connects [read more]
Boost Leak Tester
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Quick and Dirty Blow Up Tool This is a brief description of making the QAD blow up tool. With this you can place it in the intake piping where the Mass Air Flow sensor, and apply pressurised air to the engine (no more than about 20psi) to listen for escaping air around the engine bay, indicating a vacuum leak. The first thing [read more]
Boost Leaks - Thumper
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
BOOST LEAK LOCATOR GUIDEIF YOU HAVE INSIGHTS, CORRECTIONS, EXPLANATIONS, or REPAIR WRITEUPS, PLEASE email me SO I CAN MAKE UPDATES! If you own a Twin Turbo, you've probably seen a lot of talk about BOOST LEAK. And if you've ever posted a question about "lack of power" or "low boost", you've certainly had a response that reads "Do you have a [read more]
Coolant Temperature and Detonation sensors
on 15 Nov 2007 by admin author list
The A to Z of Coolant Temp Sensors and Detonation Sensors Coolant Temp Sensor | Detonation Sensor Firstly, get a cut lunch/coffee/alcohol to read thru my drivel and forgive me in advance for potentially insulting your intelligence by describing the fixes in very "blind freddy" fashion- I don't know your level of tech- expertise so I'm 'assuming' you know little... ok. The Coolant [read more]
EBC - Apex'i Super AVC-R Install
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Apex'i Super AVC-R Boost Controller Installation Typically, the first step in increasing boost to gain more HP on TTs is getting a Jim Wolf ECU and 'boost jets'. Boost jets are good for about 12.5-15 psi. However, to run higher boost levels (or to run more steady low boost levels) requires and electronic boost control. If you expect to run [read more]
EBC - Blitz SBC-iD Install
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
    I rescued this article from [ ]Whoever wrote it deserves the credit, I just added in some photos.   Installing the Blitz SBC-iD & PowerMeter-iD What are the Blitz SBC-iD & PowerMeter-iD? Simply put, the Blizt SBC-iD is an electronic boost controller which is loaded with advanced features and a unique display/interface.In addition to 4 boost presets it also has [read more]
OEM Boost gauge fix - Robo
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
      If the stock boost gauge on the dash stops working, but the car still feels like it's boosting, then the problem is probably a cracked or split boost hose at the boost sensor.  The black box next to the blue arrow is the boost sensor.  The hose can look fine, but when it goes bad, it's usually cracks where it attaches right at the box.   [read more]
PROFEC B II - Installing
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
GREDDY PROFEC B II Installation (will be updated upon completion - need to get hoses set up to control solenoid)Thanks as usual to and it's members for responses and archived, searchable posts : ) Installing the Greddy PROFEC B II on a 300zx is really quite simple and the Profec is also among the most simple of EBC's -- it gets [read more]
Profec-B Spec-II - Setting up
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
    things one must know about how the boost control system works and how one would go about controlling it to understand the parameter settings in the profec BC. Make sure the controller is in psi mode. Refer to the manual on how to switch to psi from kilopascals. When you turn the car on and turn the knob, there will [read more]
Safety Boost Indicator - Zed4life
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Safety Boost Indicator 1: Easy Safety Boost Indicator (SBI) -Approx $10 in materials2: Manual Boost Controller (MBC) 1:Easy Safety Boost Indicator (SBI) The idea for this came from both Gonzales and Maciej but I wanted a circuit anyone (even a hack like me) could follow and I wanted a little more control over the way it worked. What is Safety Boost? This is [read more]
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
How to install a Turbotech Manual Boost ControllerTurboTech (Printable PDF) [read more]