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Air Guides for Rotor Cooling Installation
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Air Guides for Rotor Cooling Installation:   A little known design change on the Z32 is the addition of the front air guides to aid in cooling of the rotors. I believe the first year to have them is '93.  Part numbers required for full retrofit to make the '90-'92 have the same braking system up front as '93-'96: (yes, [read more]
Anti lock Brake Systems
on 11 Nov 2007 by hot300zx author list
Anti lock Brake Systems Anti lock Brake Systems If the brakes are applied too hard when driving on slippery road [read more]
Brake Caliper Seal Replacement
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Brake Caliper Seal Replacement:   After serious use, the seals on the brake caliper pistons will wear our & start to leak. Rebuilding is fairly simple and much cheaper then replacing the entire caliper. I rebuilt the seals in my Skyline calipers but the kit is the same as the 300ZX's. In fact the pistons are also the same size, it's [read more]
Brake Pad Install
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Brake Pad Install:   One of the simplest DIY performance enhancements is changing the brake pads. A good set of high performance pads will make a huge difference in the Z's lacking brake performance from the factory. This installation of PBR Metal Master front pads P.N.: D1170M was done on my '95 TT Timing: Anytime the pads are down to [read more]
G4 8 piston brake review
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
G4 8 piston brake review This is something I wrote for Skylines Australia but I've had some Z people also ask me about this product so here is a copy and paste of the post. This is obviously for these brakes on my Skyline, but this IS Z related as the brakes are very similar for the two cars, and [read more]
How Brakes work
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
A Short Course onBrakesby Charles Ofria The modern automotive brake system has been refined for over 100 years and has become extremely dependable and efficient. The typical brake system consists of disk brakes in front and either disk or drum brakes in the rear connected by a system of tubes and hoses that link the brake at each wheel to the [read more]
How to adjust the Handbrake on the Z32
on 07 Aug 2009 by admin author list
If your handbrake (e-brake for our USA friends)needs adjusting, here's a basic rundown on how to do it: Loosen wheel nuts Disengage handbrake (handbrake lever should be down) and back off the tension on the cable from the adjustment point on the handbrake lever jack up rear of car and put on stands Remove wheels Remove rear caliper and rotor and inspect the handbrake [read more]
Master Cylinder Brace Inatstalled pic
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Stainless Steel Brake Line Install & Brake Bleeding Procedure
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Stainless Steel Brake Line Install & Brake Bleeding Procedure:   Another performance improvement for the Z braking system is a set of Stainless Steel braided brake lines to reduce pedal 'mushiness' under street/racing conditions. Coupled with a high quality brake fluid like Motoul 600 to re-fill the lines with, the pedal stays firm under even the most extreme conditions.  This [read more]