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Adjusting a Clutch on a 90+ 300ZX
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
By Thomas Bell The process is in two parts: 1. Adjusting the clutch rod for proper travel. 2. Bleeding the hydraulic system properly. Tools needed: 10-mm and 14-mm open end wrenches, jack stands, a pair of pliers, a short length of rubber hose, one or two glass jars and at least one pint of DOT-3 brake fluid. 1. Adjusting the clutch rod [read more]
Clutch Replacement
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
  How to do a transmission removal and clutch replacement   By Brian Duley   I. Warning: Removing a transmission and replacing a clutch is a complex and time-consuming procedure. By replacing it yourself, you alone are responsible for the safety and functionality of yourself and vehicle. If you do not want to take that chance, I recommend that you take you car to [read more]
How to properly adjust your clutch pedal - Speciality Z
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
How To Properly Adjust Your Clutch Pedal When upgrading to a heavier duty pressure plate in any vehicle, the pedal from the factory is not set for enough travel.  This page will provide you with the information you and/or your mechanic needs to know when properly installing a high performance clutch.  If you are experiencing a new clutch slipping or if [read more]
Slipping Clutch
on 19 Nov 2007 by admin author list
My clutch is slipping, do I need a new one? It's most likely (99%) the clutch pedal adjustment! I had a Clutch Masters Cyclone 3.5 installed and it slipped like hell, especially after warming up. It was down to the fluid going hydroscopic when the clutch pedal was adjusted too high! (Basically it means the fluid got hot and expanded [read more]