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Control part terminology
on 18 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Engine Temperature Sensor The engine temperature sensor, located on the top of water inlet housing, detects engine coolant [read more]
Engine Detailing
on 18 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Easy Engine Bling.. (with pics) Hey to all my fellow Zedders.. On Saturday i finally when out and got the rest of the stuff i needed for a bit of cheap bling.. i know people say that there is nothing cheap for a Zed but this is a rare exception. i decided i would redo the the cam covers and [read more]
Smoke / Smoking at idle
on 26 Mar 2008 by admin author list
OK so here goesPlease don't doubt this theory in public as unless you have seen it work you may be costing members thousands by sending them off changing seals and turbos etc when there may be no real need.I purchased a TT Z32 over six years ago, the engine and turbos were very tired and smoked a little - not [read more]
What are the differences between the TT and NA Z32
on 06 Jul 2008 by admin author list
ENGINE1. The cylinder block castings and main caps are the same. They both have oil squirters that direct oil towards the underside of the piston, but they point at different angles. The oil squirters on the TT direct oil straight into an off center hole on the underside of the TT piston, which leads to a hollow area inside the [read more]