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Flywheel Lightnening -
on 18 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Is going with a lightened flywheel worth it? I was torn between whether or not to get a lightened flywheel and did a bit of research before I finally decided to get mine. As part of this research, I did surveys and talked with several reputed people on this topic. I'll try to make this short. Survey Results: I sent [read more]
Flywheel Replacement
on 18 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Clutch Replacement: As a regular wear item, eventually the clutch and other relevant parts will have to be replaced. OEM parts work fine for an OEM powered car. Stage III will overpower the stock setup in no time (my clutch lasted all of 2 days). Part of the modification pathway is keeping the car well rounded. Beefy brakes for more [read more]