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How does an Intercooler work
on 16 Nov 2007 by admin author list
An intercooler or charge air cooler is an additional component that looks something like a radiator, except air passes through the inside as well as the outside of the intercooler. The intake air passes through sealed passageways inside the cooler, while cooler air from outside is blown across fins by the engine cooling fan. The intercooler further increases the power [read more]
Installing Intercooler Water Spray
on 16 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Installing IC spray pumps and nozzles Installing the water bottle Part I | Part II | Part III The following is not so much step by step instructions on how to do this, but more an example of how someone else has done it and may give you some ideas. There are a million ways to do this with a number of factors [read more]
Upgraded Intercooler Install
on 16 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Intercooler Install: Somewhere along the upgrade path, the stock intercoolers are going to have to be replaced. The stock intercoolers are very small and rather cheaply built with plastic endcaps. Aftermarket intercoolers are substantially larger and are fully aluminum (1. & 2.). Like the injectors, they do the job well for a stock car, but after a few mods, they [read more]
What are the Pros and Cons of Front Mount Intercoolers
on 16 Nov 2007 by admin author list
What are the pros and cons of Front Mount Intercoolers (FMIC's)? When upgrading intercoolers, you can go for bigger IC's in the same location, or go to a Front Mount Intercooler. FMIC Pros:FMIC can be made bigger than side IC's and therefore provide better cooling Cons:FMIC blocks air flow to radiator, air con, air filter and oil cooler (some can be moved to [read more]