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Heater Core removal for beginners-Dash in by tzpark
on 04 Dec 2012 by admin author list
Heater Core removal for beginners-Dash in by tzpark [read more]
Cargo Cover Repair
on 16 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Cargo Cover Repair:   Heat and excessive use of the cargo cover can yield to a split cargo cover where the handle is. The cargo cover is not inexpensive to replace. The repair method described is a long lasting, cheap, and effective fix. Tools: Black Silicon RTV (100% silicon) Approximately 25-30 standard clothes pins Paper Towels Parts needed: none Estimated Time [read more]
Cluster Removal
on 16 Nov 2007 by admin author list
  Remove the bonnet above the gauges cluster It's held in place by 2 screws Remove the two screw under the bonnet Remove the bonnet. Above the cluster, there are 2 screws, remove them Remove both control pods on the side of the Gauge Cluster You have to remove both control pods, the A/C and the "rear-defrost / fog / [read more]
Dash removal with pictures
on 16 Nov 2007 by admin author list
NEW REMOVAL OF DASH TECH WITH PICS hey guys did this today and took pics on the way. i used this tech article to do the job took me about 2 hrs, and this was taking my time as it was my first time doing it, so clearly labelling bags with were the screws go etc...ive edited the above [read more]
Dashboard Removal -
on 16 Nov 2007 by admin author list
How do I get my dashboard off? Take off the part over the gauges. There are two screws above the cluster. Take off the trim around the cluster. Remove the panel below the steering wheel to get to all of the screws. Remove it anyway, because it'll happen later. Next, remove the cluster. Be careful when removing the connectors. Take [read more]
Loose Passenger Window Switch
on 16 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Got fed up with people saying 'your window switch is loose'. I bet I am not the only one that has a switch with the little plastic hooks broken off.  Fix:  Take a simple electrical double spade connector (See pic) Drill out a small hole in the spade end. Unscrew the existing screw behind the switch and fit the connector.(see pic) Bend the connector at an [read more]
Removing the Door Trim
on 16 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Tools required: 2 and 3 mm phillips screwdriver blade screw driver 14 mm and 10 mm socket or ring spanner small mirror Time required: 1 - 2 hours When your power window stops working, there are a couple of things that could be the cause. If you're lucky it will be a blown fuse or bad electrical connection. The less fortunate may [read more]
Removing the Rear Seat
on 16 Nov 2007 by admin author list
Tools needed:10mm nut driver/runneror10mm socket and wrench1. Lift up on the seat hooks on both sides at the same time and let the seat down. 2. Pull back the carpet backing. these are attached by velcro and plastic fasteners that just pop out. be careful they might break off. 3. Use the 10mm socket or driver and remove the 2 bolts on [read more]
Repairing a lifting dashboard
on 16 Nov 2007 by admin author list
  Repairing a "peeled up" dashboard   A very common problem on the Z32 is that the dashboard around the defroster comes loose and peels up. So how do we fix this ? Remove the plastic defroster guide by using a flat screwdriver Put some very strong adhesive (preferably 2 component epoxy) in the opening (white arrow) NOTE: Before doing this, you might want [read more]
Seatbelt retraction
on 27 Apr 2008 by admin author list
As a lot of us know, the seatbelts in the zed can stop retracting properly with the result of the latch plate getting caught in the door and causing damage. Ive found that this is not just a problem with the 300ZX but most Nissan cars and there is a repair kit available from Nissan. The problem is with the D [read more]