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Running Wires through the Firewall
on 15 Nov 2007 by admin author list
How to run a wire through the firewall Ok, this is how I threaded the hose for my boost gauge through the firewall, going through the grommet for the bonnet release cable. Note this is for a right hand drive vehicle. Tools required: Screwdriver Coat Hanger Strong tape Firstly you need to remove the kickguard in the drivers footwell by removing the 4 [read more]
Stereo Wiring Legend
on 15 Nov 2007 by admin author list
The following are the wires and their corresponding wires to wire up a new stereo head unit. Ground - black Accessories - red Permanent battery - yellow Rear right positive - brown Rear right negative - black/red (2 of these!) Rear left positive - blue Rear left negative - black and white Front right positive - orange Front right negative - [read more]