Oil Change / Top up - Manual Transmission

on Wednesday 14 November 2007
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by Peter (OZ-300) on Aus300zx.com

About a year ago, I replaced the gearbox oil with some Redline lightweight shockproof.

The easiest, quickest and cleanest way to refill the gearbox is to drill 2 holes in the cap of the 4-5 ltr plastic gearbox oil container that contains the new oil and fit 2 tightfitting plastic hoses (I used the clear ones available at any Supercheap, Bunnings etc similar to the ones normally used for bleeding brakes or clutches, but with a bigger diameter.)

Connect one hose to a 12v air pump, and feed the other hose into the fill hole in the gearbox/diff. This second hose should be in touch with the bottom of the plastic container, otherwise as the oil level in the container lowers, you may end up just pumping air into the gearbox/diff.

Turn on the pump. This pressurises the oil container and forces oil up the plastic hose and into the gearbox/diff.

It took about 15 mins to fill the Z gearbox with this method and was easy, quick and clean.