Oil Change - Manual Transmission with pictures

on Wednesday 14 November 2007
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Changing the manual tranny fluid


Steve Chong


Andy Woo

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1) Jack up your car so that it is level. See other "How Someone ..." for suggestions of how to jack up your car.

2) Put a 4 litre (4 quart) container under the transmission.


Oil container to catch old oil


3) Undo the fill plug that's on the right hand side of the tranny. Use a 1/2" drive for this purpose.


fill plug location


Here's another shot with it relative to the drain plug. Note the view is with my head underneath the car, and my feet sticking out the front of the car and me on my back.


fill plug location



4) Undo the drain plug using a 1/2" drive. The plug is located underneath the transmission. The view is from the front of the car, with me on my belly.


drain plug location


5) Drain out the oil and there is a magnet on the drain plug that needs cleaning. And replace the plug: 18-25 ft lbs torque. I (Andy), used some loctite white 592 sealant. NOT a thread locker... but a thread sealer. I put a single line once around the plug, and towards the middle of the plug where the threads are NOT on the outside of the transmission.

Dirty drain plug and filler plug.


dirty drain plug and dirty filler plug


Clean drain plug and filler plug.


clean drain plug and clean filler plug


6) Using a hand pump fill the tranny with oil, complying with API GL-4 spec, and SAE viscosity 75W-90. Fill to the level of the plug. This should be about 5 7/8 pints (almost 3 quarts, 2.8 litres). Replace the plug: 18-25 ft lbs torque. Sealant is recommended.

If you don't have a hand pump, you might use a plastic tube with a funnel attached, and gravity feed the oil into the tranny.

Repeat this every 2 years or 36,000 miles. [Andy: I do every 2 years, or 24,000 miles]



Happy re-oiling

Steve Chong and Andy Woo
May 1998