Causes of high fuel consumption

on Sunday 18 November 2007
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Three contributions in this article by Bob in Oz, K-Zed and 90TTZ (Please read all)



What can I check to reduce excessive fuel consumption? - Bob in OZ

Excessive fuel consumption most likely has a cause due to an external sensor:

Things to check are:

1. Coolant Temperature Sensor
If the coolant temperature sensor connections are corroded, or the sensor is defective, the ECU will believe that the engine temperature is lower than normal and will increase enrichment. May not necessarily error code.

2. Throttle Position Sensor
Is the TPS working correctly ?

3. Oxygen Sensors
Are the oxygen sensors operating correctly ? A defective oxygen sensor will cause excessive fuel consumption...a slow sensor will not necessarily set a code. This is one of the most common causes of excessive fuel consumption.

4. Fuel Pressure regulator
Check the operation of the fuel pressure regulator....ensure that it is receiving vacuum...sometimes the solenoid controlling vacuum fails, resulting in richer mixtures during light load.

5. Fuel leak (even minor)
Check all hoses for any seapage and tighten all hose clamps

Good hunting

- Bob in Oz

Extra ideas on high fuel consumption & power loss - K-Zed

Recent Tech Day's have highlighted some problems common to many Zed's, namely Vacuum or Boost leaks & failed [or sluggish, failing] O2 sensors.

Vacuum & Boost leaks not only cause high fuel consumption & power loss but can show O2 sensors to be possibly faulty.

If you're not getting circa 450 - 500k's [around town] 500 - 650k's [Highway] refer to 'how to blow up your engine' and test for Vac/boost leaks. Do this first, before replacing O2's.

After Vac/boost leaks have been eliminated and O2's do prove to be faulty replace BOTH. At circa $86 each [trade], they will save you precious $'s in improved fuel consumption very quickly.

O2 sensor generic replacement parts (considerably cheaper than Nissan) - NGK NTK part no. OZA446-E47-Stock No. 0185. (Or part no. 351-0039 thru Global Auto Spares).

- K-Zed


Extra ideas on high fuel consumption & power loss - 90TTZ

Detonation Sensor CircuitIf the ECU has detected detonation (pinging) or a fault with the sensor, it will trigger a safety boost map condition. 

Not only does this reduce turbo boost pressure to 7PSI but also enriches fuel mixture and retards ignition timing. 

It is not unusual to see Zed’s with full tanks fetching 200-250KM’s with this condition. 

Complete an ECU Diagnostic Test to identify if Code 34 exists then carry out a Detonation Sensor Replacement or Sensor Bypass

I have seen Zed’s gain an extra 200KM’s per tank after the sensor bypass alone.