Installing VVT Springs

on Monday 19 November 2007
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Install JWT VTC Springs. My Experiences

HOW TO :: Install JWT VTC Springs. My Experiences

Difficulty : EASY!

Time : 30mins give or take if done properly.

Tools : Quarter inch socket with a 7mm socket / Allen key

New Springs, come as a pack of 2.

First off you need to remove the timing belt covers, using an Allen key.

To remove the driver’s one you need to remove the water inlet pipe that goes to the block (the bottom one) also secured by Allen bolts.
It hides 2 bolts behind the pipe that secure the timing belt cover on.

Method 2:

Or if you are cheap like me and don’t want to drain your radiator, and create more work then SMASH IT ! haha.. It should be brittle form years of heat and brake easily I used a big flat head and a hammer and gave it a tap here and there to break it up into chunks to maneuver out.

Any one want a passenger side timing belt cover?? I know of one going for next to nothing

You then need to remove the metal plates over the intake cam gears, held in by 4 7mm bolts.
The plate is under pressure from the spring, so as you back the bolts off get some one to hold the plate down as you unscrew them, that way the bolts won’t go flying out and get lost in your engine bay.
Once you get them lose just undo them by hand just so you don’t drop them.

There will be a bit of oil in there, nothing to worry about.

Next insert the new spring into its home,

Next go get your helper, and put the plate over the back of the spring, making sure not to pinch the O ring seal with the spring.

Line up the holes on the plate with the ones on the gear and then get some one to push it down, while you put the screws in.

I did them up in a diagonal pattern to keep the tension even all round, didn’t want there to be a chance the spring could bend to one side etc...

There you go.. done !

My Driver side spring was compressed more then the passenger side, hopefully my engine rattle will be gone when I go for a spin.