Automatic Gearbox Alternative Replacements

on Monday 09 March 2009
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I know there is a general idea about Patrol gearboxes but for anyone unsure, the Y60 Nissan Patrol GQ (1988-1998, also known as the Ford Maverick until 1994) gearbox is exactly the same as the 300ZX.


Patrol automatic gearbox:
4-speed Automatic
4-speed electronic auto with lock-up torque converter and two-mode shift pattern (economy & power).

Gear Ratios:
1st: 2.784
2nd: 1.544
3rd: 1.000
4th: 0.694
Reverse: 2.275

These are exactly the same gear ratios as in the 300ZX auto TT. The NA auto is slightly different with:

1: 2.785
2: 1.545
3: 1.000
4: 0.694
Reverse: 2.272

As you can see, nothing worth worrying about. Seeing as you can pick up a GQ gearbox for $200, this is a very good alternative for those who need a rebuild.